When I started this blog 10 days ago, I had a specific first major post in mind.  It was a piece I started to write over two years ago while still in Arizona.  It was an overall assessment of the state of the industry, focused primarily on how the MLS system might evolve in coming years.  It started like this:

There is a seismic shift coming, and coming soon.  I don’t know where it will come from, what form it will take, or who will initiate it.  I can feel it in my bones.  I feel like one of those earthquake-predicting animals that get credit for a sixth sense about natural disasters and flee to higher ground before the quake hits.

My sense of foreboding comes from a series of developments that when taken individually might be interpreted as just business cycles in flux.  But if one steps back and looks at the bigger picture, a pattern of motion starts to develop, a fluid dynamic of interconnected but constantly changing parts and participants, a pattern that we have not seen before, not in this magnitude. 

What followed was about 20,000 words of overview and insight, at least from my perspective, on the then current state of the industry and how the MLS might fit into its future state.  When it was nearly done, I asked a couple of key staff people to read it and react.  They read.  They overreacted.  But they reacted just as the leadership of that organization might have reacted had I delivered this report in its then current form, full of gloom and doom.

Fortunately, I was wrong.  In the two years since I wrote that introduction the world of real estate did not meet an untimely demise.  No earthquake.  No tsunami.  Perhaps a ripple or two was felt in the force as one wandered to the dark side only to return somewhat older and much the wiser.

So what will follow in the days to come is a rewrite of that assessment, updated with developments from the past two years and cut into easily digestible bite-sized pieces/chapters.  (I could never challenge Rob Hahn to a contest of longest run-on-sentence or wordiest post.)

So while I’m working on that piece, I will offer a couple of observations along the way.  The first is curating now and should be ready to post tomorrow.  Sorry for the suspense.

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