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In May, 2015 the National Association of REALTORS® approved funding for RPR’s project AMP™ (Advanced Multi-List Platform) and Upstream™ (the broker controlled listing maintenance and distribution project to be built using RPR’s AMP technology). Shortly thereafter, the California Association of REALTORS® (CAR) convened another in their excellent series of Executive Roundtables to discuss both projects within the broader perspective of data sharing and MLS consolidation. The report of those discussions is a compelling read and offers insights from four of the premier thought leaders in our industry: Ann Bailey, founder of consulting firm Pranix; Robert Bailey, longtime Santa Cruz (CA) broker and past chair of many Realtor, MLS  and technology vendor boards; David Charron, CEO of MRIS; and Dale Ross, CEO of RPR.

Panelists engaged in substantive analysis of what ails the industry and the appropriate course of action for addressing real estate’s data-sharing dilemmas. They delved into data management issues and the incongruity between advancements in technology and the industry’s outdated and restrictive infrastructure. Joel Singer, CEO of CAR, moderated the discussion.

The report is long, but well worth the time of any MLS executive who wants a broader understanding of the complicated issues facing our industry today and in the future. You can read the full report online at: or download the PDF by clicking the cover here:




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